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Discrimination Awareness: an essential guide for staff

Date: 26th April
Course Length: Half Day

Why should I book this course?

Because you cannot afford not to.

In the current social and legal climate, discrimination awareness training for all of your staff is an absolute must.

As an employer, you are potentially liable for acts of discrimination of your staff.  Discrimination claims in the employment tribunal are typically risky, time-consuming and expensive, whether you win or lose.  Even if they don’t reach the tribunal, allegations of discrimination alone can be enormously damaging to staff morale, productivity and the wider reputation of your business.

Training your staff is one very positive step that you can take, not only towards protecting yourself against the risk of such claims, but also towards making equality and diversity a reality in your workplace.

What can I expect on the day?

During this half day course, your staff will:

  • Learn about the nine “protected characteristics”
  • Recognise the various types of unlawful discrimination, harassment and victimisation in the workplace
  • Know what conduct is unacceptable and why
  • Learn how to challenge unacceptable behaviour in the workplace

As with all didlawEDUCATION courses, our training is delivered in a friendly, un-stuffy manner using engaging case studies and mini-quizzes to test knowledge as we go along. This is a workshop style course with plenty of opportunity for discussion and interaction.

What else?

If you provide us with your Equal Opportunities /Anti-bullying or harassment/ Dignity at Work policies sufficiently in advance, we can tailor this course to your specific needs so that your staff understand your organisation’s particular stance on discrimination and the ways in which it strives to achieve and promote equality of opportunity.

Where will the training take place?

We can accommodate groups of up to 15 delegates at our Offices in Covent Garden. Alternatively, we would be delighted to bring our workshops to you.  So, if you would prefer us to deliver the training at your offices, or if you would like a bespoke course for your organisation to take place at our offices on a different date, this can also be arranged.

Who would benefit most from this training?

This is a basic level course which assumes little/no pre-existing knowledge of discrimination law and is geared towards all levels of staff from administrators to managers.

It’s a useful start for line managers, HR managers and senior managers, but these individuals are more likely to require additional specific intermediate-level training on how to manage discrimination issues in the workplace.  For this, please see didlawEDUCATION’s Equality & Diversity in the Workplace course.

How much will it cost and how do I book?

Contact us for pricing and booking information