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How to Recruit Safely

Date: 11th July
Course Length: Half Day

Why should I book this course?

Because following good practice throughout a recruitment process will not only help you to avoid litigation, but also to ensure your business has access to the best talent available. 

Job applicants are protected from discrimination in the same way as existing staff.  Employers are at risk of discrimination claims throughout the recruitment process, from to moment that they place an advert to finally making an offer.  As an employer, you are also potentially liable if your managers’ recruitment decisions are discriminatory.

This half-day seminar is designed to provide business-owners, HR people and managers with essential practical guidance on best practice and how to reduce the risk of claims arising from recruitment decisions.

What can I expect on the day?

During this half-day seminar, delegates will learn:

  • Why there is a risk of discrimination claims in recruitment
  • The importance of the EHRC Code and widening the pool of opportunity
  • Best practice recruitment process, the importance of a good paper trail and data protection
  • How to prepare a job description and person specification
  • Where and how to advertise
  • How to shortlist applicants fairly
  • What not to ask at interview and how to avoid stereotypical assumptions
  • How to make (and withdraw) an offer
  • The importance of probationary periods

As with all didlawEDUCATION courses, our training is delivered in a friendly, un-stuffy manner using engaging case studies and mini-quizzes to test knowledge as we go along. This is a workshop style course with plenty of opportunity for discussion and interaction.

Where will the training take place?

We can accommodate groups of up to 15 delegates at our Offices in Covent Garden. Alternatively, we would be delighted to bring our workshops to you.  So, if you would prefer us to deliver the training at your offices, or if you would like a bespoke course for your organisation to take place at our offices on a different date, this can also be arranged.

Who would benefit most from this training?

This is a basic-level course which is geared towards line managers, HR managers, senior managers and business owners, but also a very useful refresher for those returning to work after a break.

How much will it cost and how do I book?

Contact us for pricing and booking information