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redundancy from furlough

If you have been made redundant after furlough, didlaw are here to help you in these tough circumstances. 2020 has been a strange and scary year for most of us and it is not likely to get less strange as workplaces reopen and the Government ends the furlough scheme. Given our interest in protecting the rights of employees with health issues and working women we are concerned that the current economic crisis will see disabled employees and women cherry-picked for redundancy.

Being made redundant from furlough may be legitimate but it is important that you ask the right questions. Why are you being selected? Have reasonable adjustments been made to the process to reflect your protected status under the Equality Act around disability, sex, motherhood? Are you in your Protected Period?

In previous recessions we have seen employers cynically use the downturns as cover to exit protected employees. Employers must adopt a fair process for selecting you. If you have any doubts about the legitimacy of their decision or are being asked to sign a settlement agreement you must take advice.

Redundancy from furlough is not a given: employers still have to justify what they are doing This is especially important in a difficult job market. If your employer is proposing that you are made redundant after furlough or made redundant on furlough do make sure they are not making an unfair dismissal during furlough which is disguised as a redundancy.

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