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return to work after shielding

If you are returning to work after shielding you may encounter issues when you are back at work. This could be for example being forced to work your usual hours in the office when you might be entitled to reasonable adjustments if you are Equality Act disabled. You may have issues with how you travel to work and being unnecessarily exposed to the risk of contracting Covid-19 which could be a risk to your health and safety.

For excellent free advice on health and safety issues arising from Covid-19 visit the HSE’s online resources:

HSE – Coronavirus

The law is not entirely clear in this area but you should be able to get some initial insight on returning to work after shielding. The key thing to remember is that not everyone who has been shielding and is going back to work after shielding will automatically be deemed to be disabled. You still have to demonstrate that your illness meets the section 6 Equality Act definition of disability. Read more about this here.

If you do have the additional protections available to employees who are disabled your employer should consider making adjustments to remove barriers to your gong back to work after shielding. Having a health issue which has been diagnosed does not automatically mean you have disabled worker status. Don’t assume it does. If you have a long-term condition that substantially impairs your day to day ability to function you may be disabled and qualify for additional measures and protections.

For more advice check out: ACAS – Reasonable Adjustments

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