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At didlaw employment lawyers London, we focus on providing high quality employment law advice & representation to both employers and employees. We are also known leaders in disability discrimination law & mental health at work. Contact us today if you require expert legal guidance.

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Didlaw is a niche discrimination law firm specialising in the rights of people with disabilities and long-term health conditions in the workplace. Our name D-I-D-law signals our special interest in Disability, Illness and Discrimination. Many of our clients have suffered mental illness because of work stressors and are treated poorly by their employers because of it. Others have been managing health conditions for many years but suddenly hit a roadblock. We are here to defend you and your position. To get you back on track.

We also deal with other related workplace issues such as stress at work, harassment and bullying, sexual harassment. The rights of working women and working mums are hugely important to us. All too often we see women demoted and treated detrimentally following pregnancy and maternity and this can lead to mental illness too. This should never happen, it is unlawful employee discrimination. Our society has made some progress on these issues but not nearly enough.

We specialise in these areas, so we have a depth of expertise that is unrivalled. We’re a small firm but we punch above our weight with regular appearances in all courts and tribunals including the High Court and the Supreme Court. We’re passionate about these issues and fighting for our clients. Our lawyers are first class: the best in the business, working for you.

We are winners. We get results in the shortest possible timeframe and with as little extra stress for our clients as possible. We find solutions so that you can focus on more positive things.

Our world view is based on a very simple premise: providing legal advice and solutions for our clients but supporting and encouraging you along the way, helping you deal with conflict and distress. We understand the stress of any dispute. Our aim is to get you through it with our support. This is not just law: we care. We work for your benefit not ours and we provide legal services with an added dimension: the human touch.

We are employment solicitors in London who –

  • have a unique depth of experience & expertise in the areas we advise on
  • are approachable & advise our clients in a clear & constructive way
  • making the legal experience less stressful for our clients

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didlaw feature in 'the lawyer' publication

We are proud to be recognised as a leading employment and disability discrimination law firm fighting for women at work.

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religion and belief discrimination

didlaw is pleased to announce that the Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) (Mrs Justice Eady) has handed down judgment in this case and has dismissed the Claimant’s appeals in their entirety.

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the legal mind podcast: bullying and workplace culture with karen jackson

LawCare’s Gemma Matthews talks to Karen Jackson, Founder-Director of didlaw, expert in employment and discrimination law, and LawCare champion about bullying in the legal workplace.

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disability discrimination (with karen jackson)

we are never far away, providing nationwide coverage.

As a nationwide employment law firm, we act for employees across the UK in employment discrimination cases.
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We are different from other employee lawyers in London and regularly take over cases from other law firms who are unable to offer our unique client-focused approach. Being smaller means, we don’t lose the personal service. When you are in crisis this support is critical. Most employment lawyers in London cannot get close to our service levels or our expertise in health-related work issues.

Here’s what some of our clients have to say about how we work and why we are the best employment lawyers for employees:

“A huge thank you once again. You are genuine down to earth people who actually care for their clients. That really stood out for me. I would heartily recommend you.”

“Legal advice that was genuinely accessible underpinned by a deep insight into my needs as a client. When seeking advice, I was pretty vulnerable as I was suffering from mental illness. I felt I had the weight of my employment law issue on my shoulders. Along with my other struggles, it was just too much. I felt as if the weight was lifted as soon as I spoke with Karen. I thought: “This is someone I can trust. She sees me as a whole person. She knows what she’s doing. She cares, understands my needs and will fight for my best interests”. Not only did I end up with a much better outcome than I would have without her advice, I believe being able to hand off this weighty issue aided my recovery. Karen and her firm are a rare find. I cannot recommend them highly enough!”

We are didlaw employment lawyers London. Specialist employment solicitors committed to changing the world one client at a time. We are employee solicitors because disability discrimination matters. We also provide professional law advise in mental health issues at work, bullying, harassment and stress, sex discrimination, sexual harassment, maternity and pregnancy discrimination. We also have a wealth of expertise in disability income protection, involving both group income protection and tax free termination payments.

When you are choosing employment lawyers, you have to be sure that they have your best interests at heart. Everything we do is aimed at making things better for you. We act in your best interests not ours. The trust our clients have in us as employee rights lawyers is well-placed and honestly deserved. You only have to look at our client testimonials to appreciate this. We also won’t ever take on a case that is hopeless and will be upfront and honest with you from the start.

Our MD solicitor Karen Jackson, previously shortlisted for Woman Lawyer of the Year, is a leading expert in disability discrimination. Read more about her here. Chambers & Partners call her “a foremost expert in disability discrimination claims for senior employees” with “an encyclopaedic knowledge and complete mastery of this area of law”. Karen has handpicked her team of exceptional lawyers to carry on her good work and to ensure that the service our clients receive is the same unparalleled service across the firm. From your first phone call to us, you will see the difference.

We are listed in The Times Best Law Firms.


  • what are employment lawyers

    If you have an issue at work, for example if you have been bullied or harassed, made redundant, or treated poorly because of a disability, an employment lawyer can advise you on whether there has been a breach of the law and what can be done to correct the situation.

    At didlaw, we advise individuals in a wide range of situations. We are particularly known for our expertise in advising on disability discrimination, mental health issues including stress at work, and women’s rights. We have expertise in all discrimination issues regarding age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage/civil partnership, pregnancy/maternity, race, religion or belief, sex and sexual orientation discrimination, as well as in unfair dismissal, contracts of employment, and advising on restrictive covenants. We are passionate about these issues and will fight for your rights to get you a successful outcome, whatever that means in your case.

  • what do employment lawyers do?

    When an employment lawyer is advising, they will first conduct a review of the evidence. Evidence might be documents but also what you have to say about what has happened. From this review they will set out the options available and provide their opinion on the best option to pursue. Lawyers follow the instructions of clients and are duty bound to represent their client’s best interests, whatever their choice. Pursuing the client’s preferred option might include writing letters to the other side setting out any breaches of legal obligation, making phone calls to your employer, in some cases starting litigation.

    In some situations a strong letter from one of didlaw’s lawyers is all that is necessary to persuade the other side to make amends. Other options can include trying to reach a financial settlement, or litigating the matter through an Employment Tribunal. If your matter does require litigation, didlaw will support and represent you through the process to make sure your claims are best prepared for success in the tribunal.

  • how to find the best employment lawyer

    The right lawyer for you will likely be based on a few important factors, including experience, cost, and reputation. Some develop sub-specialisms or have specific experience in a specific industry. If you have a relatively simple matter, it might make sense to instruct a more junior solicitor who will help you find the outcome you are looking for in a cost-effective way. Conversely, if you have a complex matter based on an unusual legal point, a more senior solicitor will be able to advise on how best to approach it.

    A good personal connection and trust between lawyer and client is as important as any other factor in reaching the client’s goal. Being friendly and approachable is something we value at didlaw. If you need advice about a situation our team is available to discuss how we might help. We will match you to the most appropriately qualified lawyer for the issue you are dealing with.

  • what do employment lawyers deal with?

    Employment lawyers deal with issues varying from complex appeal litigation to simple settlement agreements, which require the solicitor to advise the client on the terms and effects of a proposed agreement. Issues that employment solicitors advise on include recruitment and contracts of employment, staff handbooks, restrictive covenants, maternity, paternity and other “family friendly” rights such as flexible working, discrimination, whistleblowing, data protection, long-term sick leave, employment status, and redundancy.

    Within discrimination, there are nine protected characteristics, namely age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage/civil partnership, pregnancy/maternity, race, religion or belief, sex and sexual orientation. There might be multiple issues that interrelate and must be addressed to solve the client’s problem. At didlaw, our solicitors have experience across the full range of employment matters and commonly help people with issues from discrimination to redundancy.

  • how do i choose an employment solicitor?

    Personal recommendations are often the most reliable way to get an idea of whether a lawyer might be suitable for you. Websites that offer reviews of solicitors and law firms can also give you an indication of the experiences that previous clients have had. Do remember that many good firms will not appear on every or any review website, and that reviews can be misleading or out of date. Some firms will offer an initial call with a solicitor, in which you will be able to get a sense of whether that solicitor is the right one for you. didlaw offers a free short initial consultation. Some matters can be dealt with entirely electronically and over the telephone. Many firms now work almost entirely remotely.

    Factors such as the cost and experience of the solicitor will always be important to consider, and whether this is proportionate to the complexity of your matter. If you would like a call to discuss how we can assist with your case, our team at didlaw employment lawyers London will be happy to speak with you.