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doing things differently

a brief history of the firm

Didlaw was founded in 2008 by Karen Jackson. After a successful heart transplantation at Papworth Hospital, Karen was determined to do something meaningful with the extra time she had been given. Her idea was to set up her own law firm. And so didlaw was born.

Not just another law firm, the emphasis at didlaw has always been about providing an exceptional level of client service. That means clear and practical advice, explained in plain English. It means going the extra mile for the clients to find the right solution.

Focusing on helping people who are having difficulties around health and disability at work, didlaw’s reputation as true experts in this area has quickly grown. Today Karen is widely recognised as the UK’s leading disability discrimination lawyer.

Karen’s second in command is Anita Vadgama who is our Legal Director (Partner). Anita heads up & manages our team of lawyers. She’s an employment discrimination expert in her own right & is dual qualified in the UK & the US. She has a particular interest in pregnancy & maternity women’s rights including for redress of sexual harassment. As a working mum of twins she appreciates more than most the challenges women still face at work.

Karen, Anita & the entire team are committed to making didlaw a values-driven firm in everything that it does. You can read more about the values that drive them here.