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work and childcare issues

As working individual child care issues for working parents may be a difficult subject in your workplace at the moment as You might find yourself having dilemmas on your return to work. This could be related to the unavailability of grandparents to assist with childcare because of social distancing and vulnerabilities to their health. It may be that you are unable to find a new source of childcare cover due to additional demand. You might wish to continue working from home or agreeing an alternative working pattern with your employer to enable you to carry on working but manage your parental responsibilities too. Covid-19 has thrown up a minefield of issues for working families.

If you have work and childcare issues your employer may inadvertently be discrimination against you, and you may have legal recourse. It is always wise to take advice before you take any steps to raise an issue with your employer not least in a difficult job market. As always having some knowledge of the rights you enjoy as a mother should help you avoid getting into bother. There are many great online resources available to you free including:

Equality Human Rights – Employer Code Chapter 8 Pregnancy and maternity

Maternity Action

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Child care issues for working parents are no laughing matter. They can add a lot of stress to an already precarious balance. If you’re uncertain about what to do next get in touch.

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