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taking time off work for depression

If you have had to, in the past, or need to now to time off work for depression this may have an impact upon your employment. If your depression means that you have the protection of the Equality Act as a disabled employee your employer may be obliged to make reasonable adjustments. If they refuse that could constitute an unlawful failure to make reasonable adjustments. We can help you with this.

We are specialists in advising employees who have had to time off work for depression. We understand the stress of the situation and the likely issues you may encounter at work. We can find solutions and advise you on what your various options are. What you should not do is put up with poor treatment that could risk you taking time off work for depression again.

Taking time off of work for depression should not impact your employment but we know it sometimes does. If it doesn’t you are one of the lucky ones and probably work for a more enlightened kind of employer. Given that most of our clients contact us for advice because they have had to take time off work for depression we suspect you may eventually need advice.

You can find help online here via ACAS

If you need specific advice about an issue you are having contact us. We recommend that you take early advice so that you know what bumps you might meet in the road ahead. Forewarned is forearmed.


How long can you be signed off work with depression?

You can be signed off work with depression as long as your GP or medical adviser considers that you are unfit to work. There is no minimum or maximum period but employers will implement their own sickness absence management procedures once absence has lasted a defined period, in accordance with internal policy.

How do I get a sick note for depression

A sick note (fit note) can be provided by your GP and/or medical adviser.  

Can employers sack you for depression

In short an employer can sack you for being depressed if you are absent from work for an extended period of time and they implement a capability or ill-health dismissal procedure.  The question will then be whether or not the dismissal was fair and/or discriminatory.   If an employee is disabled under the Equality Act 2010, then the employer may be liable for unfair dismissal and/or disability discrimination if they are dismissed without appropriate process, including consideration of any reasonable adjustments that should be made. 

How do I tell my employer I have depression?

You can arrange to have a confidential conversation with your manager or someone from Human Resources to discuss the fact that you have depression.  You may also want your GP or medical adviser to provide written confirmation of your diagnosis.  This will assist with relaying the information to your employer and any request for reasonable adjustments (support to do your job) that you may need.

Should I tell my boss I have depression

Yes, in order for your employer to support you with your depression and make any necessary adjustments to your role or workplace, they will need to know about your diagnosis.  On confirming that you have depression the employer than has ‘constructive knowledge’ of your condition and has a duty to support you in accordance with the Equality Act 2010 if your depression is deemed to be a disability.

Is depression a valid reason to miss work?

Yes, depression is a mental health condition that can qualify as a disability under the Equality Act 2010.  If your GP or medical adviser considers that you are not fit to work then your absence for depression is validated by a medical professional.  It is not for the employer to determine whether your depression is a valid reason to be absent – this is a question for someone who is medically trained.  

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