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mental breakdown from work

Sadly, many people break down at work each year due to nervous breakdown at work. Sometimes it is avoidable but for many who are having their first mental breakdown at work it can hit you over the head very suddenly and fell you out of the blue. There are usually warning signs that nervous breakdown from work may be likely but if you don’t know what they are and have never felt like that before it can be difficult to see it coming. Classic signs are inability to sleep, constant rumination, tearfulness, being more short-tempered than usual, persistent colds and infections. High blood pressure, breathlessness, panic and a whole raft of other symptoms are often present. This can be devasting to health and cause problems with your employer, especially if you need to take time off for treatment. The brain is a muscle like any other and if you overwork it the only way to recover is to rest (and take meds and do therapies).

At didlaw we have built our practice around this work because nervous breakdown at work is not unusual. In the past the Confederation of British Industry has called mental ill health at work the biggest threat to the economy of our times, ranking ahead of terrorism. We know from our work in this space that it is unfortunately a daily occurrence. We also know how difficult it can be for someone to challenge unacceptable behaviours by their employer when they are in crisis. That’s what we do: we step in to remove the stress and take the burden from you.

It cannot be right to have any job causing mental breakdown, but it is a fact of 21st century life. Who knows whether it is down to our never-switch-off culture, long hours, too much pressure. But it is a problem and one we can help you with. Being worried about your income and your career when you are going through a nervous breakdown at work is no fun at all but we can alleviate some of the distress and help you get back on track so you can get the rest you need.

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