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returning to work from sick leave

Returning to work after sick leave can be fraught with difficulty especially if you have had a reasonably long absence. It’s difficult for you because you’ve been out of the office and feel like all eyes will be on you when you go back and also you may have to deal with lots of questions from colleagues and your line management about why you have been off sick.

Sometimes returning to work after sickness can go badly wrong. You find that your job has been given to someone else or that many aspects of your job have changed without any consultation with you. Sometimes you just get the feeling that something has changed and you cannot put your finger on it but you feel uncomfortable. This is particularly the case if you are returning to work from sick leave due to mental illness. People tend to be more sympathetic to conditions like cancer, a heart attack, a hip replacement. There is still too much stigma in the workplace around mental health.

If you find that you are worried about returning to work after sick leave there are quite a lot of useful online materials that might be able to help.

ACAS – Returning To Work After Absence

CAB – Long Term Sickness Claims

If you have returned to work, or have been prevented from returning to work, perhaps by a failure to make reasonable adjustments then you may need to consult a lawyer about returning to work after sickness law.

If you suffer any adverse treatment at work relating to your returning to work after sick leave you should take advice. We can advise on what options are available to resolve the issue.

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