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disability discrimination lawyers in london

We are the leading firm of disability discrimination solicitors in London. No other law firm specialises in this area of law in the way we do. We have been working exclusively on cases relating to disability discrimination in the workplace for more than a decade and are recognised by our peers as leaders in the field. As disability discrimination lawyers in London our depth of experience in disability discrimination at work is unrivalled.

Our founder and MD Karen Jackson is a foremost expert in disability discrimination claims. She has appeared on BBC’s Panorama talking about disability and has featured in all major press. She wrote a book on disability discrimination for the Law Society in 2012 and is working on a second edition for publication in 2021. Karen is an ardent advocate for disability discrimination rights in the workplace and knows from personal experience how much of a challenge this is.

Disability discrimination in the workplace cases are on the increase. Reports from the Employment Tribunals statistics show that more disability discrimination law claims are being made year on year than any other type of discrimination claim. This is likely linked to the fact that we have an ageing working population in the UK: most employees will begin their working lives with no disability and will end their careers with disabilities. Ill health as we age is a fact of life. The other reason is that there is an epidemic of mental health issues at work most likely linked to job pressures, the always-on culture and long working hours. Bullying and harassment and other forms of discrimination can cause mental illness and sadly often do. This is what we deal with all day, every day.

We routinely negotiate disability discrimination settlements in order to avoid lengthy litigation. Our aim is to find swift solutions for our clients and reduce their stress and distress. We work for your benefit, not ours and we appreciate the health impact of any dispute.

Disability discrimination compensation varies widely depending on whether you are able to continue working, have lost your career, are still working for the employer company where you suffered the discrimination. We can advise on all aspects of disability discrimination compensation and claims. Whether you are returning to work after sick leave or you have had time off work for depression and are facing discrimination, didlaw are here to help with your situation. Bullying at work and victimisation at work are also common forms of discrimination towards those with a disability and we specialise in dealing with these cases for employees.

So if I have any illness am I disabled?

Not, necessarily. The legal test for disability is that:

    • you must have a physical or mental impairment (or both) and
    • you must have a long-term condition which means that you have had it for more than 12 months or it is likely to last more than 12 months or it is a lifelong condition (different rules apply for progressive conditions) and
    • the impact of your condition must be substantial i.e. more than minor or trivial (some conditions are expressly excluded such as hayfever) and
    • you must be able to show that the impact affects your normal day-to-day activities.

You must tick all four of these boxes to meet the Equality Act 2010 definition of disability. Many cases are fought over whether an employee is disabled so it is not always an easy hurdle, but we can help you over it because we are leading disability discrimination solicitors in London.

You can find a wealth of useful information resources online to find out if you are Equality Act disabled and what additional employment law rights this gives you.

Equality Human Rights – Disability Discrimination Equality Act

Citizens Advice Bureau – Disability Discrimination At Work

ACAS – Disability

For more information on disability discrimination view our PDF here

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