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As a modern law firm, we have a unique understanding of employment discrimination issues so we can provide you with the right advice. Speak to us today if you are considering legal action.

What Makes Us Different

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a different kind of law firm

Didlaw is made up of lawyers & business staff from a wide range of backgrounds & experiences but we all share the same values when it comes to work.

These values are built in to everything we do: they are who we are.

  • we believe…We believe in justice, equality & fairness. It’s why we became lawyers.

  • barriers down… One of the biggest barriers to justice for most people is uncertainty around costs. So, we try to give accurate assessments upfront & throughout the client’s journey. This means we will make sure the clients know in advance what the work will cost, but we’ll never allow them to invest in a lost cause.

  • we use plain English… The law belongs to us all & should be accessible to everyone. So, we will talk & write in plain English & we do it in as few words as possible because that is good law. Good lawyers can explain the law in a way that anyone can understand.

  • we are ethical…We will not take a case unless we believe we can make a difference for the better. At its best the law is a practical tool for solving problems. We’ll do our very best to find your desired solution.

  • we are creative…We don’t just use our technical skills & knowledge, we use the power of our imagination. Often we take cases that other lawyers are afraid to take on.

  • we use tech…We use the latest tech so that we can deliver client services quickly & efficiently but also so that our lawyers can work flexibly. We use the same tech to keep our carbon footprint to a minimum. But we will never use tech at the expense of human contact & the personal touch.

  • we are approachable… The image of the stuffy lawyer is redundant. Our lawyers build strong relationships. Our clients feel comfortable coming & talking to us. We listen, and we appreciate that the client is in charge.

  • we care… we care about our clients. We care about our clients. We care about each other. We care about making the world of work a better place. One client at a time.