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Our holiday pay solicitors specialise in dealing with issues surrounding holiday pay for employees. If you are a worker based in the UK, you are entitled to paid holiday to provide you with a break from the workplace.

However, whilst the principle of paid holiday is simple, the law around it can be very complicated and disputes around paid holiday entitlement are very common. Particular issue areas are:

  • Does your holiday pay have to include recognition of overtime that you work?
  • How much holiday pay does your employer have to pay you if you are off on maternity leave?
  • Does you continue to accrue paid holiday entitlement if you are off on long-term sick?
  • Can your holiday entitlement from one year be passed across to the next?
  • Can your employer force you to take your holiday at specific times of the year?
  • Does your employer have to make you a payment for any outstanding holiday balance if they terminate your employment (or can they take money out of your final pay if you have taken too much holiday)?

Holiday Pay Claims

If you are involved in a dispute around your holiday pay, we would recommend that you obtain legal advice as soon as possible from holiday pay solicitors. The value of holiday pay claims can be significant and disputes around holiday pay can also involve other legal issues such as breach of contract or discrimination. If you require support in making a claim, contact didlaw today to speak to our holiday pay solicitors.
Read more about holiday pay employment law at the following resources:

ACAS – Checking holiday entitlement
CAB – Check if you’re entitled to paid holiday

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