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Before embarking on a stress at work claim you must take legal advice. Stress at work lawyers can advise you as to whether there is any merit in you taking this course of action. These stress at work compensation claims can take a long time, sometimes 2-3 years, sometimes longer. They also require you to get expert medical evidence which also comes at a substantial cost. If you have been so badly damaged by a psychiatric injury at work that you hold your employer responsible for and if there is a chance you may never work again or recover the same income, stress at work compensation can be very significant. There is also a costs regime in the Civil courts called QOCS (qualified one-way costs shifting) that means that if you do have a good claim but fail in court you may not, provided you meet certain circumstances, have to pay the winner’s costs. This is an exception to the usual rules in the Civil courts where the loser pays the other side’s costs. This is an important protection that stress at work lawyers like didlaw can explain to you. It makes issuing a claim less high risk although you should be aware that for sizeable claims the court fees can be hefty. Our lawyers can take you through all of this and set out the options available.

Sometimes there is an overlap between a stress at work claim and a disability discrimination claim. We run both and can advise on which is the better option. You cannot run one claim in both courts at the same time (stress at work cases are heard in the Civil courts, disability discrimination in the Employment Tribunals usually). You can issue in both and stay one set of proceedings to keep your options open.

The critical thing you need to know about a stress at work claim is that you are going to need solid medical evidence, to be able to show that your employer was on notice that you might sustain an injury and that there is a direct link between their action (or omission) and your injury.

If you’d like to know more about what a stress at work claim looks like there are useful resources online here. Whether you have suffered with a personal injury at work or you have had a nervous breakdown at work we are here to support you. If you think you need to take legal action book a free initial assessment with one of our expert lawyers.



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