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Our Work

Start with why. It tells you everything you need to know about the work we do at didlaw.

Why do we specialise in disability discrimination and women’s rights?

Because both are important and both lag behind the other characteristics that the Equality Act 2010 provides protection for.

And because we are passionate about these issues and that passion comes through in everything we do. It’s what gets us up in the morning and gives our entire team the satisfaction of knowing that we are doing good.

The central philosophy of didlaw is a moral world view. We are people who care and want to contribute something positive to the world in a warm approachable manner.

We provide legal services with an added dimension: the human touch.

Message from our MD and founder of the firm, Karen Jackson:

In 2005 I had the idea that I wanted to start my own law firm. Very quickly I decided that I wanted to focus on issues around work and health. And working women. This was in part due to my own struggles with ill health and the pressures of trying to combine health with work, but also the desire to help people who are in difficult situations because of health. I set out to become an expert in disability discrimination. The focus on working women was in part due to my own experience of everyday sexism at work.”

Didlaw’s mission from day 1 was to provide legal advice around disability, mental ill health, psychiatric injury, stress at work and sex discrimination.

The firm is founded on the concepts of:

  • Being highly specialised – we focus on disability & women’s rights
  • Being approachable
  • Being warm & caring to the needs of the client – offering a sensitive approach

These concepts are embedded across everyone that works in the firm not only in our lawyers.

It says a lot that all of our work comes from recommendations and word of mouth. We have built a reputation for excellence, for expertise and above all for delivering the kind of service our clients expect and deserve.

It is our honour to help you in times of difficulty and we appreciate the trust you put in us. We won’t let you down.

what our clients say

I found Karen’s reassuring manner a real comfort at a very difficult time. I always felt I was in good hands. Karen Jackson is the perfect combination of sympathetic ear and reassuring expert. She knows that clients have been through a very difficult time before seeking help and made me feel so much better about the whole process. Lots of people had sympathised and agreed that I had been bullied – but they didn’t really know the half of it – nor what it had done to me. I was broken and had no confidence in myself or my abilities. Just to hear you say “Sadly, I have heard this story so many times” and “About half of my clients are ‘broken’ lawyers” was so reassuring (if disappointing for the profession). It meant I wasn’t alone, I wasn’t exaggerating and, more importantly, I wasn’t losing my mind. To have confirmation that the evidence I had put together amounted to a strong case was further validation and that really started my recovery in a way that no therapy could. You have treated me with such respect throughout, encouraged me to do things for myself and talked to me as your equal – I have never felt like a paying client, more like a friend. Thank you so much for your persistence on my behalf. What a difference it has made having you on my side throughout this saga. It wasn’t so much your legal expertise (although that is fab, obviously) but more that you completely understood what I had been going through and you validated how I felt.

The whole process from the point of instruction to finish was smooth, well managed and quick. The relief of having Karen fight my corner was immense and I would recommend her and her firm in a heartbeat. Professional, slick, easy to talk to and generally awesome.

I was having a very difficult time with my employers and didlaw gave me the support and legal clout that I needed in order to reach a satisfactory conclusion. I found everyone at didlaw to be very helpful, friendly and easy to talk to. In particular, I was always treated with great respect and never felt “put down”, stupid or rushed when speaking to didlaw staff about my employment matter, I could say all that I needed to say and was always listened to.

Great experience. At a stressful time I was reassured I was in good hands. I appreciated the honesty & directness of the conversations throughout the process.

The very quick and personal response and the very clear and positive advice from Karen.

A very thorough job. Excellent service. Very friendly. I would like to say thank you very much.

I dealt mainly with Karen and Anita on an employment issue. What I really appreciated is “they got it”. I didn’t have to continuously explain how I was feeling, they just knew. That helped a great deal, knowing that I was being believed. I have also had dealings with Michele, who was lovely. – Great knowledge of their field, but don’t take themselves too seriously, but know their stuff.

I really appreciated being kept in touch with expected timelines and being contacted accordingly. It meant I wasn’t having to wonder if things were happening or not. – Karen is an extremely open and honest person to work with. She sets realistic expectations and in my case exceeded those on delivery. Her and Emma also worked seamlessly with one another during holiday periods.

Karen’s calming manner gave us the re-assurance during an uncertain period. – In our initial conversation with Karen she promised to provide timely progress updates. This is a statement often made to secure work however we can confirm that Didlaw met their promises. We were never left waiting anxiously at a time when this would have been a further pressure. In fact we were pleasantly surprised at how quickly every detail or query was attended to. We were represented personally by Karen who recognised that although only one of us was in need of her services, it was a concern for both of us and would impact the whole family. Her warm and understanding manner was reassuring from our first conversation and she has a talent in making things clear and easily understood. Although she engaged with us in such a pleasant way we must point out that she was very firm and no nonsense in handling the Employer. Highly recommend without a doubt.

Very personal service and supportive through a difficult time. Tess was extremely professional and extremely supportive.

For me, the process was really simple. I received clear and helpful advice and was able to complete all the paper work without having to travel to the office.

The fact that they provided total confidence in what we were doing and reassured we would reach the desired outcome, which they did. It was great from the off, how they listened and helped exactly how I wanted, providing solid advice and fighting my corner as any good lawyers would do.

Karen and her team were professional and transparent at all times. I was wary about instructing a law firm to act on my behalf, but am so glad I did. Didlaw represented me to the highest level. The speed of reaching a conclusion for me was beyond my expectations. I will have no hesitation in recommending their practice. Karen made me feel valued and the advice given was brilliant at all times.

Tess gave good advice, understood my position and preferred communication style.

Quick initial availability of Solicitor, and quick overall turnaround time.

Anita was very clear with her comms, very professional and very sensitive to my needs. Should I ever need legal advice again, she will be the first person I call. Thank you very much Anita.

Although I was advised not to continue with my employment tribunal case, and this was disappointing, I do think it was the correct advice, and only wish I had used this solicitor earlier in my misconduct proceedings as I believe I would have had a more positive result. Thank you for your kindness and support from the office staff to the solicitor who were all very professional and caring.

I have to say having this case conducted from the beginning to the end it has to be said that Tess Barrett was extremely fantastic in both being there when I needed advice, help and support and she actually goes above and beyond with looking after her client.

The team were very efficient and effective with great communications. Simple, no nonsense approach. Great and easy to understand advice. Very personable approach from all of the team which made me feel at ease and confident.

You showed you cared in every communication.

Very professional and supportive people. Explanation of every option available all the way through the legal process. Everything was clearly explained and completed quickly. Michele and Tess explained all matters in a clear and simple to understand manner. Professional and reassuring.

The responsiveness was particularly valued – but the whole experience was excellent.

Very personal and prompt service. Use of telephone for discussions/updates.

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