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victimisation in the workplace

Victimisation at work is when you are treated poorly or unfairly because you have made a complaint related to a protected characteristic such as disability or you have helped someone else who has raised a complaint and are seen to be siding with them and are then treated badly. It is also victimisation if you are treated unfairly because someone even thinks you have raised a complaint about a protected characteristic even if you haven’t.

It is another form of unlawful discrimination along with harassment.

A common form of victimisation in the workplace is where you have told your employer that you are thinking of bringing an Employment Tribunal claim and following that they start to treat you even worse. This is unlawful conduct.

Other examples of workplace victimisation include where you have made a complaint to HR about your manager harassing you and your manager then starts to side line and exclude you, deny you promotion opportunities and similar. Read more about victimisation and what you can do about this problem at work here:

ACAS – Being Victimised

CAB – Victimisation

Equality Human Rights – Harassment and Victimisation

Victimisation at work is unlawful, it should not happen but it does. And it you are a victim of victimisation at work we recommend that you take legal advice if you’ve tried to find a solution and been met with obstacles or worse, been ignored. Take early advice so you know your rights.

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