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anxiety and time off of work

If you have had to, in the past, or need to now to time off work for anxiety this may have an impact upon your employment. If your anxiety means that you have the protection of the Equality Act as a disabled employee your employer may be obliged to make reasonable adjustments. If they refuse that could constitute an unlawful failure to make reasonable adjustments. We can help you with this.

Taking time off work anxiety can actually worsen because you feel guilty and afraid about not being in work. Some people even feel fraudulent about it because the symptoms of anxiety can cause self-blame.

We are specialists in advising employees who have had to time off work for anxiety. We understand the stress of the situation and the likely issues you may encounter at work. We can find solutions and advise you on what your various options are. What you should not do is put up with poor treatment that could risk you taking time off work due to anxiety again.

Taking time off of work for anxiety should not impact your employment but we know it sometimes does. If it doesn’t you are one of the lucky ones and probably work for a more enlightened kind of employer. Given that most of our clients contact us for advice because they have had to take time off work for anxiety we suspect you may eventually need advice.

You can find help online here via ACAS

Anxiety and time off of work should not cause problems at work but if it does and you need specific advice contact us. We recommend that you take early advice so that you know what bumps you might meet in the road ahead. Forewarned is forearmed.

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