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sexual harassment in the workplace

Sexual harassment at work has been an issue for women in workplaces for many years and at didlaw we here to support you if you have faced harassment in the workplace. Sexual harassment is defined as unwanted conduct of a sexual nature which violates your dignity, makes you feel intimidated, degraded or humiliated and/or which creates a hostile and offensive environment for you to work in.

Sexual harassment at work has been highlighted in the media and especially social media since the #metoo movement gained prominence and the arrests of sexual predators such as Harvey Weinstein and Jeffrey Epstein. We all know what it looks like and that it is unlawful unwanted conduct, but it still occurs in the workplace despite the best efforts of many employers to eliminate it through training and sanctions being applied to perpetrators.

Sexual harassment at work doesn’t have to be physical treatment only. Verbal harassment like lewd sexual comments or jokes are also covered. Any kind of touching of a sexual nature is prohibited by law.

Unfortunately, the victims of sexual harassment in the workplace get the short end of the stick. This applies to both women and men. We have dealt with cases where a man has been sexually assaulted by a manager, but it is far more common that the victim is a woman.

Probably one of the most difficult aspects of being sexually harassed at work is the fear of what might happen to you, your income, your career and your reputation if you make a complaint. History is littered with examples of victim-blaming and women who have been singled out and treated badly because they do complain: look no further than Monika Lewinsky. Sometimes the treatment after raising a complaint of sexual harassment at work can be even worse than the treatment which led to the complaint. Employers can “punish” women who speak out and inadvertently “reward” perpetrators especially if that person is in a position of power or control. The power dynamic is especially tricky, but we have sadly seen it all before.

Sexual harassment employment law can help with these situations. The main way didlaw can help you with this, other than by providing you with legal advice and steering you on a course to find a solution is by supporting you and giving you the courage to speak out and deal with the problem. It will be difficult, but you should not allow someone else’s misconduct to ruin your work and your life. The law protects you by providing a remedy and a sexual harassment lawyer from our team can guide you on your way.

In some situations, your employer might be liable for acts of sexual harassment that take place out of the workplace, for example unwanted conduct at a works’ drinks event or an overseas business trip.

There are many sexual harassment solicitors in London and across the nation. This shows the level of demand for advice on this unacceptable behaviour. So why choose didlaw?

  1. Because we have deep experience in this sector acting against major corporations and international entities to protect the rights of women we work for;
  1. Because our former and current clients will tell you how successful we are in achieving outcomes which will put right some of what you have suffered;
  1. Because we are not just another law firm and we understand the sensitivity and difficulty of cases like this. Our client service is second to none as evidenced by our testimonials.

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