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We are the lawyer’s lawyers. Over many years we have represented countless lawyers across all firms across the UK who have been having difficulties at work.

Most of our work in this space has focussed around mental health in the workplace – in particular, following time off for common mental health issues and lawyers then being pushed to exit on the false perception that they can no longer tolerate the stress of the legal environment.

As lawyers for lawyers, we have acted for partners, Managing Partners, associates, trainees – at any one time at least a third of our clients are working in the legal profession.

A few examples of the work we have done as the lawyer’s lawyer include:

• Negotiating an exit for a law firm partner who was made unwelcome by her fellow partners after returning from sick leave for depression. Substantial settlement, 6 figures.

• Negotiating an exit for a law firm managing partner after her fellow partners turned on her and tried to push her to quit;

• Negotiating a significant settlement for a law firm partner being side-lined following a serious accident affecting his mental wellbeing. Significant quantum;

• Threatening litigation but settling under an NDA a claim for a junior associate subjected to sexual harassment and for whom the working environment was increasingly hostile and intolerable;

• Commuting a permanent health insurance policy and terminating employment for a law firm associate unable to return to work for health reasons and providing an income for life;

• Negotiating an exit for a law firm associate in a firm which refused to make reasonable adjustments. Settlement enabled client to take substantial time off to retrain.

We know the challenges that working in law brings and we understand how law firms think and function.

Talk to us about how we can help you with your situation. If you require our lawyer’s lawyer service, get in touch with us today.

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Most lawyers are specialists in one area or a small number of areas of the law. Lawyers will therefore need legal advice if they encounter issues in areas of law in which they do not have expertise. An example of why a lawyer might need to instruct another lawyer is if they have issues with their employment at their firm and require advice on their employment rights. Alternatively, if an employment lawyer wants to buy a property or make a Will, they would obtain specialist advice from a property lawyer or private client lawyer.

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