22 May 2017

It’s cheaper at the Ritz


I can’t claim to remember all that I learned at University, but I do remember one throw away remark by a particularly savvy lecturer: “The Law” he told us, “is like the Ritz Hotel.  It’s open to all!” If you like a bit of a 5-star hotel glitz the Ritz offers all that wrapped up…
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19 May 2017

A practical guide to settlement agreements and what to do if you are given one.


Being presented with a settlement agreement can be a stressful time as, in most cases, it is an agreement to terminate the employment relationship.   If you want to know a little more about settlement agreements, and what you should do if you or someone you know is presented with one then read on. What is…
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17 May 2017

4pm means 4pm


As if we needed further proof that the employment tribunals are serious when it comes to their time limits. An appellant has 42 days in which to lodge an appeal in the Employment Appeal Tribunal (“EAT”).  The EAT offices close at 4 pm.  This means that the appeal must be received by the EAT before…
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16 May 2017

Tory workers’ rights plan ‘doomed’ if tribunal fees stay


Theresa May’s plans to beef up workers’ rights are doomed unless tribunal fees are lifted to make it easier for employees to bring claims, lawyers warned. May’s predecessor as prime minister, David Cameron, led a government that imposed what many employment specialists view as a system of tribunal fees that makes it all but impossible…
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15 May 2017

An unexpected email, and an exclusive interview with Terri Brookes.


EAT, Government Legal Services v Brookes UK EAT/0302/16/RN A couple of weeks ago I wrote an article about the well-publicised Employment Appeal Tribunal judgement in the case of Terri Brookes vs the mighty Government Legal Services.  Unexpectedly, a week later, Terri Brookes responded.  What follows, is an exclusive interview with the star of my blog,…
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12 May 2017

Employers have a crucial role to play in suicide prevention


In March 2017, the Office for National Statistics analysed and reported on deaths from suicide registered in England between 2011 and 2015, based on age and occupation. Death by suicide is far more prevalent than one might expect.  ONS statistics show that suicide is the leading cause of death in England in adults below the…
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11 May 2017

Mental health discrimination – no place in the workplace


It is great to see so much discussion about mental health in the run up to and during Mental Health Awareness Week 2017 this week.  People are speaking more openly about mental health in social circles, in the media and even in the workplace.  I have read some amazing and brave blogs from people who…
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11 May 2017

Education and training body could be junior doctor’s ‘employer’ under whistleblowing regime


In Day v Health Education England & Ors [2017] EWCA Civ 329 the Court of Appeal has overturned a decision that the whistleblowing regime under the Employment Rights Act 1996 (the “ERA”) did not protect a junior doctor from being subjected to detriments by a body responsible for education and training. Dr Day entered into…
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