23 June 2017

Access Denied: Why justice is only available to the few and not the many


Can you feel anything other than sadness and anger at the Grenfell fire?  I can’t, I’m livid.  Yet again the failings and short cuts of the powerful have had devastating consequences on the vulnerable.  This tragedy was entirely avoidable but residents’ repeated warnings and protestations were ignored because they were poor, therefore those in charge…
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21 June 2017

Law Society calls for government inspectors to enforce workers’ rights


The Guardian reports today on calls by the Law Society for the introduction of government-backed inspectors to enforce workers’ rights in the workplace.  In light of increasing concerns regarding the number of people in precarious employment in the UK, the proposal calls for inspectors to have powers to investigate companies and assess the genuine employment…
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21 June 2017

Tackling bullying all year round.


A few weeks ago, I, like many others, blogged about mental health during Mental Health Awareness week (http://didlaw.com/disability/mental-health-discrimination-no-place-workplace/).  I wrote about how great it was to see everyone coming together and talking positively about mental health and mental health awareness. However, just a few short weeks later with the campaigning during the elections reaching fever…
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20 June 2017

An unusual case & practical tips for employers on witness evidence at employment tribunal hearings


In the case of Elmore v The Governors of Darland High School and another UKEAT/0209/16, the EAT has upheld a finding of fair dismissal, despite the fact that the employer failed to provide a reasoned appeal decision, or call any witnesses involved in the employee’s disciplinary appeal. The facts Natalie Elmore qualified as a teacher…
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19 June 2017

Tribunal Decides Failure to Pay a Man Enhanced Shared Parental Pay is Discriminatory.


Ali v Capita Customer Management Ltd ET/1800990/16 When shared parental leave (SPL) was introduced over 2 years ago I ran a number of employer workshops.  One of the questions that came up during those workshops was whether employers could offer enhanced maternity pay to women and only statutory shared parental pay (ShPP) to men.  It…
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16 June 2017

BA Cabin Crew set to strike


It has been reported that Cabin crew at British Airways are planning to strike for two weeks in July, peak holiday period. The dispute has apparently arisen due to BA recruiting recent recruits on less favourable terms and conditions to existing and generally older crew. Unite have confirmed that the action will run from 1…
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15 June 2017

Link between sickness absence and redundancy not sufficient to establish discrimination arising from disability


In the case of Charlesworth v Dransfields Engineering Services Ltd UKEAT/0197/16 the EAT has upheld an Employment Tribunal’s decision that a link between an employee’s disability-related sickness absence and the employer’s decision to make him redundant was not the same as the absence being an operative cause of the dismissal. Mr Charlesworth was one of…
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14 June 2017

Invisible Disability: Blessing or curse?


Whilst this might seem a strange title for a blog on disability, I count myself incredibly lucky to have had a hidden disability all of my adult life. If I had to choose between invisible and visible, I would choose invisible every time. Why, you ask? It stops the questions. It stops the pity. It…
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