21 July 2017

Matthew Taylor responds to criticism of his report into modern working practices


The report from the government backed review of modern employment practices met with mixed responses upon its release last week.  Aspects of the report were positively received in some quarters.  However, several major unions, and a number of commentators, argued that the report failed to properly address many of the major issues associated with employment in the modern world, particularly in relation to insecure work within the so-called gig economy.  On the other side of the fence, some business groups expressed concern at the implications for businesses posed by some of the proposed changes to the law and employment practices.

In a piece on The Guardian website, the report’s author, Matthew Taylor, has responded to the criticism levelled at him from both sides of the debate.  He suggests that much of the negative reaction was voiced before people had fully digested and understood his proposals and the basis for them.  Whether you agree with his ideas or not, it is certainly interesting to have clarification direct from the horse’s mouth regarding the thinking behind some of the review’s recommendations.

Written by Matthew Fletcher