Harassment & Victimisation

February 28th, 2024

Elizabeth acted for Denise Fahmy in her harassment and victimisation claims (ss 26 and 27 Equality Act 2010) against the Arts Council England (ACE).  In a judgment from Leeds Employment Tribunal dated published 11 July 2023, Ms Fahmy was successful in her claims for harassment related to her gender critical beliefs. 

Ms Fahmy had pursued her claims following internal abuse she suffered when she articulated her beliefs in an internal Teams meeting.  This untoward conduct was in the form of hostile comments within the meeting and the circulation of an on-line petition where colleagues had likened her beliefs to a cancer within the organisation.

ACE defended the claims despite having disciplined the individuals responsible for the conduct against Ms Fahmy and recognising that Ms Fahmy had been subjected to harassment.  

Ms Fahmy reached agreement with ACE before any remedy hearing and has now gone on to campaign for freedom of speech in the Arts.