Bereavement Discrimiation At Work

March 3rd, 2024

Karen acted for a bereaved woman who on becoming a single mum to two young children suddenly started experiencing issues at work. She suspected her boss wanted her out. She had worked at high level for many years for the company but they seemed to think that without a husband she would not be able to do her big job. This sadly caused a mental breakdown which meant she would never be able to resume her career again. She had suffered one big loss already and was threatened with another – the loss of her career which was a huge part of her identity.

Claims were brought in the Employment Tribunals for sex discrimination (section 13 Equality Act 2010) and other claims. The case settled out of court at a private mediation. A substantial lump sum settlement was negotiated (7 figures), much of which was paid without deduction of tax because it was a payment wholly on account of disability (section 406 ITEPA 2003). We also negotiated that she could continue on permanent health insurance to preserve income to retirement.