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age discrimination at work

Age discrimination is all around us and the workplace is no exception. It seems to be weirdly socially acceptable in a way that other kinds of discrimination are not, for example, homophobia or racism. Casual age discrimination in employment can lead to serious issues for some workers. For example, undermining comments about “being past it” or “too old for the job” can really undermine a person’s mental wellbeing. We know from experience that every year people are pushed to leave early because of this attitude. We advise them.

The Government abolished the default retirement age which at that time meant that an employee could be forced to retire. This is no longer the law. Age discrimination at work seems to be on the rise because it is a backdoor way for employers to push out older workers. We regularly act for bankers and financiers in their 50s who are viewed as being past their prime. Men and women. For women, the age connotation and attitude can be worse around menopause. We’ve helped senior women with issues around discrimination against age.

Age discrimination lawyers sometimes deal with age discrimination at the other end of the age spectrum. It is not only older workers who suffer from it. We have also represented clients who have been poorly treated, denied promotion, etc because they are considered to be too young for the job.

In all its forms age discrimination is completely unacceptable and can seriously damage your health, your career and your finances. It can sometimes be difficult to prove like many other forms of discrimination because it can be subtly undermining: that does not stop us from getting involved and representing your best interests.

For more information on age discrimination check out the useful online resources below.

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