Race & Sex Discrimination At Work

April 2nd, 2024

Anita acted for a senior black woman who was being constantly bullied and harassed by a white male peer.  She was marginalised, subjected to veiled racist comments about herself and her work but when she raised complaints about his behaviour with HR, they just ignored her.  She started to become stressed and anxious and ultimately went on sick leave.

Anita helped her to draft a grievance to tell the employer about the racist and sexist working environment she was facing every day and asserting that HR was condoning this through their inaction.  Our client was convinced that she would not have been treated the same way had she been a white man.  She felt that her employer simply wanted her to put up with this bad treatment even if it was wrong and making her unwell.

Realising her work situation would not change, our client asked Anita to help her exit. Anita successfully negotiated a six-figure termination package which included payment of bonus and long-term incentives as well as legal fees.  The package gave the client an opportunity to mentally recuperate from her ordeal and to reevaluate what she wants to achieve next in her career.