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Our unfair dismissal solicitors in London are experts in acting on behalf of employees in unfair dismissal discrimination cases. As an employee, you are protected from unfair dismissal if you have two years’ continuous service with your employer. There are certain exceptions: for instance if you have been dismissed because you are pregnant or a whistle-blower, you do not need two years’ service to be able to bring a claim.

Although there are a number of valid reasons why an employee may be dismissed, under the Equality Act 2010 it is unlawful to dismiss an employee because of a health condition which amounts to a disability or the fact they are a woman/man, for example. If you do not have two years’ service, you may instead be able to bring a claim for discrimination if you are dismissed because of a disability or one of the other protected characteristics.

As well as needing to show that there is a fair reason to dismiss an employee, an employer must also follow a fair procedure. This usually involves meeting with the employee to explain why an employer has concerns and trying to resolve any problems informally, for instance offering additional support or reasonable adjustments to help an employee carry out their job.

Where an employee is dismissed, they should be given the opportunity to appeal the decision and any appeal should be considered by a more senior individual who was not involved in the initial decision to dismiss.

At didlaw, our unfair dismissal lawyers in London have expertise in bringing Tribunal claims but also in negotiating with employers to reach settlement without the need to pursue Tribunal proceedings.

Where an employee does want to bring a claim for unfair dismissal, there are strict deadlines to be met and so they should seek advice as soon as possible. If you have a case involving unfair dismissal involving disability discrimination, as unfair dismissal solicitors in London we are here to help you through the process.

ACAS has further information about unfair dismissal on its website.

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