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Our workplace harassment lawyers in London are here to provide you with support when you have faced harassment in your place of work. Workplace harassment is any form of unwanted, uninvited conduct that makes you feel violated or which impacts your dignity and makes your work life miserable. If the workplace harassment is sexual conduct that is sexual harassment.

Harassment is prohibited in law if the workplace harassment takes place in the workplace or another venue associated with the workplace (a works drinks party or a business trip for example) and if it is related to a protected characteristic. For example one case dealt with a straight male who was harassed by his colleagues who teased him about being gay because he did not like football. You don’t even have to have the protected characteristic provided the impact on you is harassing and the treatment is because of that characteristic!

Any conduct of a sexual nature which is harassment is separately protected.

Manager harassment can be a problem because who do you turn to for help? He or she will most likely be protected by HR and it can feel like a very lonely place to be in. It’s also incredibly stressful and terribly bad for your health and wellbeing.

Harassed by manager? Call our workplace harassment lawyers in London and get advice on your rights. You can find out more about your rights online by following any of these links:

ACAS – Being Harassed

CAB – Harassment

Equality Human Rights – Harassment Work Technical Guidance

If you’ve previously searched the internet for manager harassing me and are wondering what to do, it’s simple: get some legal advice on your rights so that you know clearly what your options are. Doing nothing is not an option if you want to stay well!

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