Mark Alaszewski


Mark is an experienced employment solicitor with over 10 years’ experience in employment law. The majority of this work has been advising and representing private individuals and trade union members although Mark also has experience of acting for companies and large institutions.

Mark specialises in employment litigation and in the complex aspects of employment and industrial law. He has run all mainstream employment tribunal claims and has a proud record of litigation success. He has experience of litigating in the higher appeal courts including the employment appeal tribunal.

Mark also has broad experience of advising employees and employers on day-to-day employment issues, including disciplinary and grievance matters and settlement agreements. He is a skilled communicator who gives down to earth and pragmatic advice with an emphasis on practical solutions.

Outside of work Mark is a proud father and an avid consumer of culture including music, film and literature. He plays football and tennis to a decidedly average level and supports his hometown football team Hull City.

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